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Roses are red, TPK is blue

02/01/22 12:00am

Hey TPK, very long but important post incoming so please bear with me. Over the past couple of weeks, the admin team has been passing some ideas back and forth for how we could change up the pace of the game. Some of these changes are small and relatively easy to add, while others are complex and would not be viable to add to the current version.

Today marks the start of year 6 in TPK Blue's lifespan and the game is still doing well for itself. However, we now have a question to ask all of you:

Would you be interested in playing a new version of TPK?

Woah, hold up. New version? Is this going to ditch TPK Blue? No

There are so many memories tied to TPK Blue, along with the still-active playerbase. With that in mind, I would bet that some players would like something new to sink their teeth into, and a lot of the changes that would rework existing content or add more to it require either a reset or an entirely new version. I don't think the majority of players would want a full reset, so this is the middle ground.

We have plans for updates in the coming weeks and months that will be implemented for both versions, of course being added to TPK Blue first. Once the new version is released, we will likely stop development for TPK Blue in favor of the new version. This time around, however, we believe TPK Blue will remain stable for a much longer duration than TPK Green did as a result of how much better the code is in comparison. The current estimate for release is 6-12 months from now.

Now for some of the new version changes and additions that we have in mind (This list is not final and subject to change):

- Level and EXP gain formulas reverted to the TPK Green system (Much faster leveling, higher level range)
- Return of only full party battles (6 Pokémon teams)
- Damage formula adjusted (this is more for later progression)
- Abilities coded/added
- Almost all moves coded/added
- Almost all held items coded/added
- Glitch Pokémon rebalanced (they get abilities now)

- Completely new addition: Delve mining (notes on this at a later time)
- Mining system converted to map-based mining (Generation 4 underground style)
- Redesigned to favor active clicking, while still allowing idle-focused gameplay at higher levels
- Rebalance of ore modifiers, EXP gain, level unlocks, etc.

- Live maps reintroduced?
- Pokémon radar; Allows you to see how many encounters are in an area
- Pokédex support; Gives locations of Pokémon you have caught
- Hidden ability, (?) gender and Event Pokémon able to be encountered
- Functioning move/ability usage to allow for more efficient Pokémon hunting
--- Things like Synchronize, Trace, Sweet Scent
- Consumable items that boost various things (IVs, Shiny odds, HA odds, etc.)
- Flash hunts; Infrequently announced in Chaterpie, the first player to catch the correct Pokémon gets a reward
- World bosses; Infrequently announced in Chaterpie, everyone is able to participate and get rewards

- Capatcha Minigame removed
- Smelt-out! minigame gets overhauled into a working minigame with actual progression
- Rebalance to all minigame payouts (removal of Capatcha Minigame = removal of OP infinite scaling)

Secret Dungeon
- Procedurally generated dungeons using our map engine
- New assets, items, rewards, mechanics, possibly new modes

Team Headquarters
- Redesigned to be more community focused (Community goals with rewards)
- Pokémon collection tasks changed to mitigate hoarding map Pokémon
- Team rep leaderboards, small bonuses to the "leader" in each team

Weekly Training Contest
- Redesigned to be more community focused (Community goals for extra rewards)
- WTC Awards changed

- Removal of clan boxes (Clan rosters may stay, currently undecided)
- More clan upgrades
- Clan Showdown changed to only give cosmetic rewards
--- Currency rewards from showdown would be given as weekly clan goals/milestones to hit

General Changes
- PC box restrictions (e.g: You can't catch normal map Pokémon if you have more than 2,500 of them in your box)
- Pokédex reward milestones
- Player gym account support
- TPK Premium (This will not cost real money)
- Pokémon type changes (Not yet determined, but the current plans are to remove/replace Cloud, Forest, and Retro)

That was a mouthful to write out. Some of the changes listed don't require a new version but make more sense when bundled with other changes in here. I would now like to ask that same question again:

Would you be interested in playing a new version of TPK?

We are completely open for questions and feedback! In the Walden's World discord, we have added the #tpk-red channel. This channel will be used to ask and answer all of your TPK Red questions, as well as take your suggestions to continue improving this list! If you are not able to use Discord, feel free to respond to this news post instead. We want nothing but the best for this game, and the community is one of our most important aspects. Your support and ideas are very beneficial to motivate us to get this update in motion!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more information soon. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

PS: To celebrate TPK Blue's 5th birthday today, everyone gets to enjoy a 1.5x site boost!
PSS: Danroo and Starscream are now Chat Mods, and Nova has been promoted to Moderator! Run while you can

Edit: TPK Classic was not mentioned in this post, but it will also not be leaving.

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