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Halloween 2021

10/29/21 11:32pm

Hey TPK,

This week Jess, Altios, and I have put together a quick little event for Halloween. If you look on your navigation bar you'll see a new Event tab that will be there for Halloween week of 10/30/21 to 11/5/21. Across the entire game you'll be finding lots of this event item Haunted Candy which you can spend on various tricks and treats. And some special Event Pokemon sprited by Gimbo.

We added a leaderboard so everyone can see how the candy earning has been going - but there's not going to be any reward for being at the top of it like in many of our previous events. We just want a nice change of pace around here on TPK for the holiday season. Even though I'm not around much anymore it makes me really happy to see so many of you guys still getting a lot of my game. I wish I could do more like I used to, but this is all I was able to put together this time. (Believe it or not this took at least 8-10 man hours from everyone) Still, enjoy it everyone and Happy Halloween!


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