Programming Lessons

Schedule a programming session with Walden today!

I offer personal, 1 on 1 programming-related sessions for $30 per session. I've been programming for over 13 years and it's been my biggest passion for just as long.

I can teach about Web Development, Desktop Automation, and beginner programming.

Who is this for?

This is a targeted one off lesson for a purpose. Come in with a idea in mind and we'll let the conversation go from there.
  • I can walk you through the process of writing automation scripts for your problem
  • I can help you find direction and offer advice if you aren't sure how to tackle a project
  • I can fill in the gaps of practical programming fundamentals like git and continous integration

Walden's Automation

What to expect?

For up to 90 minutes, we will get in a discord call and discuss the topics your interested in. I'll look at your code or your website via discord screen sharing or I can screen share myself to illustrate concepts. My youtube videos over on Walden's Automation are a good indication of my style.

$30 for 90 minute session

Contact for Scheduling

Payment must be made in full up front.