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04/01/22 12:00am

Hey TPK,

Today I'm finally unveiling some big changes for TPK. As some of you may know for the last year I've been studying Japanese every day. Now I'm so excited to reveal the real reason why. TPK will be fully transitioning to the Japanese language.

TPK has always strived to be true to the nature of Pokemon. While it doesn't perfectly copy the mechanics, we draw inspiration from all over the franchise. Especially the first gen. Gen 1 of Pokemon has always been the most interesting to me. You can see it's influence most prominently with the glitch Pokemon and maps, which are all from the first generation. The glitch maps in fact I did serious research on to extract that data from the real games. Many of the glitch Pokemon and maps are actually pulled from the Japanese editions of Pokemon Red and Green, which were released multiple years before the English editions were launched.

The first phase of this update is to add the Japanese Pokemon names into TPK. We were able to pull this data using the open source PokeAPI, which will actually enable us to easily update Pokemon data in the future. I've also translated the TPK Pokemon types to complete the naming. From here, I will going through the painstaking process of translating every single page on TPK into Japanese.

Again I'm so excited to once again be leveling up the immersion of TPK as a Pokemon game. So many of you guys have been asking me to do this, and here it is!


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