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Beware of Dragons...

09/07/19 01:16am

Uncover what overwhelming power lies within the Nest.

The time has finally come for a new map to be introduced to the world of TPK. It only took... well, a couple of weeks, but we have not had a new full-sized map in almost a year. Here's some of the details:

New Music
If you've been playing with the map music muted, I would highly recommend giving a listen to the new music that we've prepared. There are a couple of new tracks, and we're really happy with where it fits with the map.

New Looks
With the permission of the lovely people who have created Pokémon Reborn-- my personal favorite "romhack" style fangame-- we were able to overhaul our graphics quite a bit by using some of their assets. We still have our other tilesets but you would be more likely to expect these newer tilesets for future maps.

New Quest
I'm not going to spoil the details of the quest, but we are making it easier to follow around and understand what you need to do to continue by finally getting the Quest Book finished. That little book icon on your map toolbar can be used now.

New Encounters
New Pokémon would be a little bit misleading, as we have just about every normal Pokémon in the game now, but a few of the ones that were previously unobtainable can now be found here. I will update my other Boards post containing a list of available map Pokémon in a week or so, after people have had time to explore the map a bit and figure out a good chunk of the encounters themselves.

Miscellaneous Things
- There is a new NPC that you can sell Nuggets to. finally
- A new map mechanic has been added to this map. Unlocked upon completing the quest "Below The Mystic".
- A Legendary Pokémon has been added to the wild encounter slots for this map. Not everywhere, but you can make a good guess about the area it's found in.
- A new achievement has been added to accompany the new map mechanic.

That's all for now. Happy hunting to everyone, and as always, have a TPK day! ~Altios

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