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Welcome to Halloween

10/30/18 10:29pm

Hey TPK!

It's time for another TPK event for Halloween 2018. This one takes place in Corvus City where the gracious residents of the city have set up trick or treating! That's right, you can relive your costume ridden past as a door-to-door candy collector for Gary. He's willing to trade a special Pokemon for your candies - provided you haven't eaten them first. You may also find a legendary Pokemon around Corvus if you look diligently enough.

On a unrelated note this would be a good time to talk about whats in the works with TPK. I recently finished a new game over on Walden's World and from this experience I've picked up a lot of new skills in HTML5 canvas. You may have already seen my earliest efforts in canvas with that spinning picture in the mining clicker captcha, and in Smelt Out! With these projects I've been building up to a new goal which is a rework of the current TPK maps in HTML5 canvas!

The last week i've been building up a new engine which so far has seen many improvements to the current engine. There's numerous benefits from a code perspective which, well, is boring to everyone but me, but there is something which everyone can appriciate. And thats smoothness. With the new system many of the edge case situations involving animations and bridges and crashing will just naturally fall into place with a "real" game engine. I'm able to actually impliment these as features rather then hacked effects. You'll also see faster map development, since the new engine can directly load map data from the map editor that we use. This means that issues in maps can quickly be corrected, and the content is more accurate. Its still early days in development, but if you want to try the demo I've put together you can find it: here


Edit: Be sure to thank Puppy for the awesome event sprite that he put out for us! ~Altios

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