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11/19/18 11:41pm

Hey TPK,

Just wanted to bring some attention to new TPK updates that have been released today. I've been working on the ideas and code for both of these for a few weeks on and off now and it's time to share what I've come up with.

The first one is a behind the scenes change. Previously in my infinite wisdom I decided to make each server of TPK use a different data set for static data information, specifically Pokedex data, moves, and item data. Whenever i added a new item or needed to make a bug fix it's been becoming increasinly difficult to manage all the different versions of the same thing. My change moves all of this information into my "global database" which has allowed me to fix some issues with Pokemon data and create an admin panel to manage this stuff more effectively. (PS: It's easy to add new glitch pokemon now ^_~)

For the miners out there, you'll notice a huge overhaul to the smelting page. Like my rewrite of the mining page a few months ago I wanted to rewrite smelting to be mobile first. I know a lot of you out there like to manage your hour long+ smelt times on the go. I was able to remove a lot of the clutter in the smelting page and compact it down to the essentials to be comfortably used with mobile. With my growing skills in HTML5 canvas I also removed the "click to heat" and realized my original vision of "click and drag to heat". Hopefully this is a more fun action to perform since you need less precision. The desktop version of smelting has been compacted as well, and a few bugs with the interface have been cleaned up. Overall, just like with the mining layout update, I'm super happy with the state of these pages.

If you see any issues popping up on TPK it probably has to do with one of these updates, so be sure to PM me or post on the boards.


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