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Hook, Locke, and Sinker

10/11/18 03:28am

Hey TPK!

I pushed everything on the TPK master list to the side when I had a brilliant idea: Why don't I add that Nuzlocke thing people do to challenge themselves in the real Pokemon games. All the ways I could do this in TPK came rushing in, and so Kingdom Locke was born. This is a genuinely brand new way to play TPK that I'm very excited to release today!

First off, visit the new NPC near the start of Lyrae. He will tell you more about the rules of Kingdom Locke as well as set you up with a Starter to get you off. You'll need a high map level (200) to get started though, since this is intended for experience TPK players who know their way around the game.

In Kingdom Locke, you will receive a new roster (similar to the WTC roster) known fittingly as Kingdom Locke. While using this roster you are operating in Kingdom Locke mode. Several new rules apply to the game. First, you will not be able to add Pokemon from your box to the roster. This prevents you from just using regular Pokemon. You will only be able to get Pokemon from the maps and leave them in the roster. Secondly, you can only fight Pokemon found on the maps for experience. You still get Map Exp, and you'll also earn a Battle Point for every Pokemon defeated. Third, if your Pokemon faints during a battle, then it gets sent to your box (therefore removed from Kingdom Locke). There's some more details to the feature such as you being required to nickname Pokemon when catching them, but I'll leave them for you to discover.

And of course there is rewards. We have a brand new master title for the highest level in Kingdom Locke. We also have a brand new item reward, the Shiny Ticket (which I will leave you to discover its uses). You'll be able to take on the Pokemon League with your Kingdom Locke roster for a chance to get even more rewards! But keep in mind that Kingdom Locke Rules still apply. If your Pokemon faints during the gym battles, it will be removed from Kingdom Locke.

We've also gone ahead and rebalanced all of the Pokemon levels in the Maps based off of this new feature. Pokemon found on the maps can be level 100 or beyond in some cases.


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