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New map, who dis?

10/02/18 01:45am

Hey, lemonade~

As the announcement said last week, we released a new map. It was complete on the outside, but we were still working on the factory to add a new quest to the map (they aren't done super correctly yet so we had to just kinda wing it) and it is now live! Apologies for not meeting that friday deadline, I may have jumped the gun on that one.

Anyways, new map, new quest, new Pok√©mon, new legends trade NPC. As stated before, Route 105 isn't particularly themed; it's a route designed to connect to Petal Prairie and Mirage Ruins, as they were not previously connected through the overworld. The new spice comes from that Lemonade factory though. There are a couple of mazes thrown in there just because i'm evil and who doesn't love mazes?

Stay tuned for more posts in the future! I would like to start putting together a "dev roadmap" for the end of the year, but we will just have to wait and see how much can actually get done.

That's all for now, folks. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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