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It's about that time again...

09/11/18 12:08am

Aaaaand I have some unfortunate news.

Just kidding, we're back with some more updates! Lets be real here, training on PC is great. Training on ..not pc, is not so great. Mobile EXP yields took a huge hit months ago because of Puffin being a very handy browser. Although that was a large problem, it may have been nerfed a bit too hard by the changes to mobile EXP. Now that Puffin doesn't seem to work on TPK anymore, we are able to adjust the yields on mobile once again to bring it back up to use. Another thing to address would be the issue of money also being halved on mobile. In order to keep balance, money rates have also been brought up to match the EXP rate.

The new balance has been made using raw statistics and gathering information from our playerbase. We have done multiple test sessions on PC and mobile with varying "methods" of training to cover as many bases as possible for figuring out how many Pokémon can be defeated in X time. Comparing those times with each other allows us to draw the line at a reasonable point. Here are the new numbers for those who are interested:

New $$ and EXP rates
PC: 2x => 2x (Unchanged)
Mobile: 0.75x => 1.5x

To conclude the post, I would also like to talk about another update that will be pushed out sometime today (it's past the daily reset already so lets be correct here!) There are a lot of small but noticeable updates that we have been working on to improve not only existing players, but also new players' experiences. One of the more notable things would be all of those fancy schmancy icons in the dropdown menus!

That's all for now, folks. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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