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Event Details!

08/18/18 11:06am

Hello again! The time has come for those (not-so-juicy) event details.

TPK Revolution v2
Start date: Saturday, August 25th
End date: Friday, August 31st

Each day will have its own themed event for you to earn points! There will not be rankings for each day; however there will be a "grand total" ranking to see who has earned the most points throughout the week. With that said, there will be 5 tiers of Pok√©mon prizes that are unlocked by reaching different point milestones during the event. You do not have to participate in each day's event to earn all of the point milestones. Each day will also have its own set of point milestones to earn some cool items! (Move Vouchers, haha... good items this time, we promise!) At the end of the week, the players with the top 3 points earned from the event will get the grand prize.

The breakdown of how points are earned will be displayed on the event page when it goes live. Do note that after one day is over, you will no longer be able to earn points from the tasks of previous days.

That's all for now, folks. More news in the future for upcoming features and changes. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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