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07/24/18 10:41pm

TPK is a game. It's important to remember that sometimes when people get upset or take it too seriously. Letting TPK get the best of me is one of the major reasons why I resigned as admin. I've been doing the same stuff as usual this whole time (if you didn't realize that by now) but at a much reduced rate. The last month or so I've been picking it up and having a lot of fun with the game again, which is great! And as you can tell my name, I've decided to give my Admin position back.

What does this mean? It's a reflection of the elevated rate of work I've already been doing on the game for the last bit here. So to be clear, I am on summer break. My last summer break while I'm in school. For the time being while I can manage responsibilties of being admin I will do so, but I don't expect this to last. I will not stay as admin if I do not feel that I can do what is required to have this position. That's why along with my position upgrade I've promoted Altios again to admin.

Altios will be in charge of as much game related duties as possible. This is going to be controlling the game's configured content: WTCs, shop pokemon, maps, sprites, etc. He will also be in charge of staff and game management. I've also been training him on the TPK codebase so that he can contribute code as well.

Today's promotion also brings his first code change to the game: Pokemon Defeated statistics. It's a fairly small change, but the hope is over time those skills will improve so I can focus on TPK's big picture instead of the trail of bugs built up over years. Pokemon defeated is a better reflection of the current TPK meta and will be used as a benchmark going forward. I'm excited for other idea Altios hopes to bring to the game such as Showdown improvements and new map ideas.


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