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Moderator Applications

10/04/17 04:19pm

We are currently accepting Moderator Applications! A few things of note:

* We'd like mods who will be here for a long time. As such, you should probably be an active player on both the game and the chat.
* On a related note, please make sure you're capable of being fairly active if chosen as a moderator.
* Being a mod is about helping people to enjoy the game as much as possible. It isn't about status, reputation, or popularity.
* We want people who are humble, kind, and accept that we all make mistakes. Don't be that person who can't admit their mistakes and learn from them.
* Most importantly, we need to trust you and get along. Almost anybody is capable of doing a decent job as a moderator—what really matters is what type of person you are.
* Have fun. This is a Pokemon RPG. Don't take it too seriously and form personal vendettas against others for game-related activities. Allow people to enjoy the game without drama.

You can submit an application by private messaging me (Clessypoo) in the game. Detail why you believe you would be a good moderator, and why you want to be one! Be honest and be yourself.

I may (or may not) respond to your application to discuss various concerns with you and ask you how you would handle hypothetical situations. Please do not make any assumptions based on those questions.

Your application will be considered for up to 180 days. In most cases, you will not be informed if your application was denied, but please do not assume it is just because somebody else was promoted—we may hire multiple mods at different times.

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