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Fishing Update

10/06/17 08:36am

Hey TPK,

Fishing always been one of the most grueling achievements that TPK has to offer, with little incentive to do and relatively click intensive training. Today, a new update was released as a new alternative fishing training method: Gil's Gets. Its a minigame involving a new map area in Lyrae Coast. You need to be fishing level 60 to help out though, because this is gives some great experience, and hopefully is more fun to do as well. You can find Gil near dock by the Corvus Entrance. I'll let him introduce himself:

Hey there. Little while back I was gone fishin' n my trusty ol' sea fearin' barge there. I dropped a whole big thing of all my stuff over the there edge.

Managed to pull up the box but all the stuff fell out of it 'n I ain't been back since. If you got a Pokemon that can help ye surf around you can help me find some of my stuff. It'd sure be a great learning experience for fishin' up tricky Pokemon.


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