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Who is B0sh and where it TPK?

09/16/17 11:19pm

Ok so I've been saying this a lot to many different people but I feel like I should get this out there:

If you want to play a TPK that plays by B0sh's rules, quit
because thats not what is happening anymore. at all.

TPK isn't what it used to be for me. It used to be this great big place for exploration and learning about the world, through this world of Pokemon and programming. But by now TPK is this thing that I carry along with me in my life. Its a thing that I did that I was successful at, but decided that my effort isn't needed in anymore. Because here's the thing; I want to be able to be successful. And even as a stupid little 13 year old kid I could figure out that I didn't need a college degree to start programming, and start learning about what I wanted to know and not have it handed to me by the education businesses of the world.

It doesn't take rocket science to know that TPK is not going to take me to anywhere besides... well a gosh darn great time... Thats what TPK is, right? Well imagine that you're TPK experience actually has mostly messages about game breaking issues or problem players or the economy isn't working out or events coming up in the future. And suddenly TPK isn't fun anymore; its a job that requires constant maintenance. Sitting there doing that happily eventually turned into me saying "Isn't there a better use of my time?"

Lets face it, this entire game is based on Pokemon. Lets face it, this game hasn't grown in years. Lets face this browser-based platform that i love isn't mainstream in 2017. I love all of you, but I can't base a career off of that. I want to dedicate everything that I have to making a life I want to live and growing new skills, and finding some kind of job that can merge those 2 things together.

So, if you are unhappy with the current situation, and you wish TPK would be better; I am right there with you. But I've accepted that this is what its going to be. If I've been a terribly mean person to you, I'm sorry but I'm trying to cope with a very difficult decisions in my life.

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