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08/30/17 01:08pm

* Added a bar showing expiration of picks on the Pickaxe Crafting page.
* Secret Dungeon Shop Pokemon now have a chance of being Ungendered.
* Added Speedrun mode.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for battles: keys 1—6 swap your party, "b" opens your Bag, and "o" opens the Options.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for maps: "b" opens your Bag, "o" opens the Options, and "f" uses your Key Item. In your Bag, right click a fishing rod and press the "f" key to easily fish.
* Added a setting on the Options page to disable the mobile bottom navigation bar.
* Team Task Pokemon are now sorted by IVs, and level 100+ Pokemon are excluded from the list.
* Added Nature, Total IVs, and Total EVs to Pokemon Center tooltip.
* Added a page to display a user's global profile.
* Blocking users hides their messages on Chaterpie now.
* Boards are now global across servers.

* Huge speed increases in battles, maps, Pokemon Center, etc.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a display issue when holding a large amount of items in Secret Dungeon.
* Changing your roster in Secret Dungeon will now reset the battle.
* Pokemon Center is now disabled while in Secret Dungeon.
* Device-specific Bottle Cap bug fixed.
* Fixed the Chaterpie links to point to the correct URLs.
* Fixed the input field for the amount of an item to add to a trade.
* Assorted bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and staff features.

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