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Giratina Speedrun

08/16/17 05:45pm

Hello lovelies, as many of you have noticed when logging in there is yet a new option other than your normal blue and green servers which is the speedrun account option. What is a speedrun? It's typically to complete a game or a portion within the shortest time. On your speed run account you'll start from scratch and what you'll want to do is assemble a team to go into the story mode of the Secret Dungeon and beat Giratina.

B0sh will be streaming his own TPK speed runs here ( and the hope is to get people to gather on Discord together and talk and join him on the stream to do speedruns together. Share strategies and just have fun. This is a fun competition, BUT to make it worthwhile you have until September 15 to get the fastest Giratina speedrun time and the prize for that will be ShinyGiratina Let the games begin.

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