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08/07/17 04:38am

Greetings TPK, as you might of noticed there have been a few changes over the night the most obvious being my sudden promotion to Administrator. As my role of Administrator I’ll be overseeing everything in the game especially community wise. B0sh’s involvement has been decreasing over the last few months as it isn’t a walk in the park to be managing the community, and code the game. One thing we can agree on these past weeks haven’t been exactly the golden days of TPK. I’ll admit that I also am at fault for the recent TPK drama, but I promise things are going to change. I do have a lot of good ideas to help the revival of this game, but I know that I’m only one person and do not speak for everyone. If you have constructive criticism about the game or how it functions I’ll be reading every single comment on this news post. Also, if you’d like to contact me privately about this matter instead of using the comment section send me a message.

First thing I’d like to do is rewrite chat rules and maybe even some in game rules. There will be very bare basic rules list and also a detailed list explaining rules in depth. Many members tend to see the rules and immediately go “tl;dr” so in hopes of fixing this even a little a simple version along with a more descriptive version of rules will be added. With rules being changed I’ll be collaborating with our chat moderators to talk about standard punishment for these rules being broken. I know there have been some people that have broke a lot of rules recently in chat, but instead of punishing every single person and killing chat entirely I’ve decided to give a clean slate to everyone. Consistent bad behavior from today on will not be tolerated. I will not hesitate to personally punish you.

Second, I feel as if our staff list is very small and not always the most active. TPK isn’t very large at the moment so for some time we didn’t need much assistance in keeping the game in check. If TPK does start growing successfully then I’d need more staff members. Before I start recruiting anyone I do plan on creating some sort of guide for Chat Moderators and Moderators to help guide them to be successful at their duties. I feel that with a sense of direction and clarity of what responsibilities are for each role that our staff members will be much more effective at their role and comfortable with their power.

Third, I’ve noticed that many of our spriters have gone inactive or have decreased in upload activity. I’m conflicted with how I’d like to deal with this as we’ve struggled with keeping spriters around. Ever since Neko ended her ties with TPK we’ve tried mimicking her style, but ended up going with more basic recolors for the most part. I think implementing some sort of schedule to least get one sprite a week done is better than none as I understand our spriters do have busy personal lives. If being an artist is something you’d be interested in (and willing to commit long term) we can discuss that via PMs.

I’ve realized that we haven’t had much of any events since April 1st. This is something I’d like to change. Hopefully this month I’ll have time to prepare a contest Haven’t decided on how I’d like to do this yet, but feel free to post prize suggestions as it would be nice to see what pokemon the community would like to see in game. To help boost activity in the meantime I’d like to do an EXP event on Saturday August 12th. This date is subject to change though! (probably won’t though)

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