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Progress on TPK Features

04/09/17 03:59am

Hey TPK,

No I'm not going anywhere... Actually, I just finished up another back end update for my quest to bring TPK Blue and Green closer together: Bans for Global Accounts.

Now if you get banned, you will lose access to all versions of TPK, and ban appeals will get sent to all versions of TPK. The tech I made for this feature will hopefully allow for more things like this, including a boards merge which is the ultimate goal.

Another change I fought and fought with myself about was adding Clan Exp to Pokedex Challenge. Ultimately I decided that its a significant way people are battling and should have clan exp and thus add to battle count since its rosters of 6.

My next update is going to be "The Notifications Update" which I've had in mind for so long. Throughout TPK notificaions are very fragmented. I'm going to write a system to standardize them and add a few new features like having scyther ping you when you get a notification and removing the stupid scyther PMs for things. Hopefully this will add yet another sense of professionalism to the game!


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