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Egg-cellent Puns for Egg-cellent Events

04/16/17 12:08am

Heya, TPK.

It has only been two weeks since our last event, but hey, who doesn't like events? A rumor has been going around that there have been some eggs found throughout Lyrae Coast. Of course, that's just a rumor though. The actual event here today is actually going to be a catching contest!

I'm sure you are all familiar with seeing Buneary near the starting house, but retro versions have been appearing around all of Lyrae. The goal for today is to catch as many as you can find.

Each one caught will net you a single point. There will be prizes given out to the top three collectors, as well as prizes for simply participating in the event! If you catch one Buneary (Retro), you will receive a Lucky Egg (10). Ten of them will also get you a Lucky Egg (100), and if you catch 25 or more, you will get a special Event Pokémon! Just for fun, i'll edit this news post tomorrow with the top 10 collectors so we can see some results!

Edit: Here are the results!
1st. #2 Altios - 525 --- Lucky Egg (1,000) x3
2nd. #16 Gronk - 409 --- Lucky Egg (1,000) x2
3rd. #30 NerdyVulpix - 348 --- Lucky Egg (1,000) x1
4th. #25 Bayley - 296
5th. #11 Solgaleo - 97
6th. #75 Eevee - 76
7th. #12 Gimbo - 64
8th. #4 Princess - 52
9th. #10 Pripple - 43
10th. #1685 Akokay - 33

I hope everyone enjoyed the event! The prizes should all be distributed.

Have a TPK day!

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