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01/17/17 10:52pm

TPK OPEN BETA - January 23rd - January 28th

If you've PM'd me - you're in! I haven't sorted through the list yet but it seems as though we have over 40 beta testers. Thank you all! I want to just list a few details about the beta which may not have been clear.

> Anything that happens in beta stays in beta. No accounts, stats, or Pokemon will stay for the release.
> TPK's current version will be ported to the new beta database, testing should be done on there as well. But primary testing should be done on New TPK.
> I may do abnormal exp boosts or other types of things to speed up gameplay. Since the idea is to get a feel for how the game progresses with the new changes, I don't want to do this, but it may have to happen to get far enough into the game.
> I may reset things during the beta period. Lets say that I change how long smelting takes and the uses for bars. I still want to test it in the game to see how it works. It probably won't happen, but if I need to make large enough changes it may.
> Lastly, you'll get a special Event Pokemon in both versions of TPK for being an active beta participant. All you have to do is actually play the game and try it out. Trust me its fun.

I'll be talking to you guys and bug fixing constantly throughout the experience. TPK has never done this much testing ever in its history and its very overdue.


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