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The New TPK Update

01/31/17 11:41pm

The New TPK update is finally here! Today I reveal TPK Blue and Green editions. There is just so much in these updates that I spent all my time working on them instead of writing a news post... Sorry, not sorry.

Over the next few weeks I'll be publishing news posts talking about some of the changes I've been making and trying to get your feedback about them. I've learned so much over these last few months making TPK and I hope you will come to appriciate it.

I've done some changes to the staff list, we have 2 new members:
Altios - our new Adminstrator. This has been a long time coming. The New TPK Update would not have been possible without his constant help and driving me along.
Cyanide/Alice - our new Chat Mod. He contributed Polaris Iceland to TPK, and has just been a nice member of the community.

Q: B0sh, I found a bug!!!!
If it results in an exploit in the game please PM an active staff member and get them in touch with me. Otherwise leave a message in the Errors thread on the forums. This allows me to quickly and easily deal with problems.

Q: B0sh, I don't understand this update!!!!
I'll try to answer questions in chat as best as I can, but I do realize that there's a lot thats not explained very well. I will leave it up to you to find the new features in the game, I will be there to aid in actually using the features.

Thanks guys, and enjoy!

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