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01/07/17 09:54am

Release: February 1st 2017

Update: Trailer Video:

What is new TPK? The first thing I decided was I want to change some fundamental mechanics of TPK, but I didn't want TPK to disappear as I have stupidly done in the past. What could even be done? A new version? A reset? A new game? All of them seemed stupid, but then it hit me. Lets just start a new TPK, and run the current TPK seperately. Multiple databases. The same code will run both games, so there is no fragmentation. When you log in you just choose which version you want to play. Get a fresh view about TPK or play what you already know, the choice is yours! And with the code I've been working on, in theory I can start as many TPKs as I want. Events could take place in an entirely seperate TPK version with crazy mechanics that would never be possible in the current TPK. How about a TPK where every Pokemon is magikarp? I think thats an idea. I know that there are lots of questions about this, but more information and specifics will be revealed over time.

1. The first change was creating a way to automatically change TPK's core mechanics.

This way players can continue to play TPK as we know it, or go and play a fresh experience. Since they are running on the same code, both will be supported forever. In new TPK, Pokemon require much more EXP to level, you get $1 per Pokemon kill in battles, and you get more ores in mining. The rest of the game is affected by these seemlingly simple changes

2. The second change was maps.

I was distraught that we haven't had a new map in over a year, and this was a number 1 priority for an update. One just wasn't enough, we made 2. (plus officially adding retro safari zone) Huge thanks to Jess and Felwinter who both took charge and each made a map. For this, I rewrote large chunks of maps from scratch, allowing for quests and NPCs to be abundant and easily programmed. There's a huge map tool which allows other players to create maps from scratch using the tools I've written, with little to no input from me.

3. The third change was smelting.

I've had an extensive plan to redo mining for a very long time and smelting is only the first step to realizing the entire thing. Smelting is an extra layer to mining, allowing you to process ores after they have been mined. Like mining, it is a passive skill, taking 30 minutes to hours to process. The result of smelting is bars, which can be used to upgrade pickaxes or upgrade smelting equipment. New TPK will have 8 new ores, including a new type: radioactive ores. These will require special equipment to be able to mine, which will be obtained through smelting.

4. The last major change was detail.

Minor things about the game were looked at and tweaked. I went through every page and tried to think about how I could better present the information, so that players can understand what TPK is about more easily.

Here's just a few of my favorite new additions to TPK:
Storing Pokemon in Clan Vaults & Battling Clans - a way to create gyms with other players
Excavation Mines - a new type of special mine
Generation 7 Pokemon
Automatically Cycling Shop Pokemon
Scyther commands that properly support (Mega) and stuff
and just so much more

TPK OPEN BETA - Janurary 23rd - January 28th

Sign ups for the open beta are open right now! Just PM "B0sh" NOT SPARKY to unlock your account for beta. Players that participate in beta are eligible for a special Beta Event Pokemon. The beta will unlock access to both versions of TPK, with the current version in a seperate database, (to not affect the active game). At the end of the beta period there will be a reset going forward into new TPK. New game mechanics like in smelting and mining need to be tried on a larger scale for me to feel perfect about their mechanics. Also, with so much of the game changed, I need people to point out whats missing.

If you choose to participate, you will greatly help out the TPK experience for the release on Feburary.

TPK SPELLATHON 2017 - Janurary 23rd - January 28th

TPK's second annual spellathon will take place in the beta period. Like last year, minor detail fixes will be rewarded with points, and prizes will be distributed for your efforts. More details about this later.


PS: Trailer Video coming soon

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