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01/01/17 12:03am

Six months ago I was frustrated with TPK. For around 2 years now, I haven't been able to truly add any kind of new dimension to the game. And its not that I hadn't tried - It was in this time things like Live Battles, Speedruns, Chaterpie, and Team Tasks came out. But these things never had the impact I wanted. Maybe it was because the core of TPK was strong on its own, but it left me feeling like I've had a string of failure with my features. Years ago I only had TPK in my life, and now I've been branching out to lots of different areas of the world, but this has left TPK to the wayside. I was so close to just giving up.

screw that

TPK wasn't dying, it was growing by any definition of the word. New people were joining every day and old friends coming back and seeing how the game has grown. I started to think not about how to improve TPK, but what it was about. What things were good, what things were missing. Slowly and almost by accident I began to see things I could change, things I could do better. Armed with an idea and a text file I wrote down EVERYTHING. I combined my old ideas with new ideas. After working on this idea for months I had reached a critical point. I had to start working on TPK. So I grabbed a some paper and wrote out a timeline. This TPK, new TPK, will be completed by Feburary 1st 2017, the release date of v1.5. I didn't know if this was possible, but it had to be done.

And here we are. Its nearly complete.

----------------The rest of this post will be revealed on January 7th 2017----------------

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