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11/04/16 12:20am


Hey guys! It's iCarly/iTony here and I have an exciting tournament for you guys. It's called TPK's Best Of 7! What is that you ask? It's a Live Battle: Factory Rules tournament where you battle the person you are matched up with in a series of battles until someone gets 4 wins. Each match up has 2-3 days to complete their battles. In the event that after 3 days the battles weren't able to occur either 1 or both contestants will forfeit.

When you complete your battles you will message me who was the winner. The winner will advance to the next round of the tournament. In the event a contestant lies about winning, They will be restricted from competing in the next tournament!

In the event of a drop out in later rounds, the last two players to be eliminated will battle each other to gain a spot back in the tournament.

The prizes for the tournament are as followed:
Grand Prize: Soulless Machop
Secondary Prize: Soulless Houndour
Third Prize: Soulless Teddiursa

We look forward to a great tournament!
If you would like to enter pm me saying "I'm in" and you will be entered.

Messaging other staff to sign up is not an entry.
Sign ups are closed 11/11/2016!

Brackets will be posted soon.

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