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Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Kingdom?

12/14/16 11:48pm

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Hey TPK.

I want to talk about the new Pokemon Sun and Moon games and what this means for TPK in terms of new features. I've had several questions about this the last few weeks. As I've been extremely secretive lately about my coding lately, I want to at least spoil a little about the new content and what to expect. These are just plans, not released features.

New Pokemon: Yes!
I was doubtful, but we will be having the new Pokemon in TPK. We rely on the hard work of the Smogon XY Project for TPK's Gen 6 sprites, and I hope to be using their work again for Gen 7.

New Alternate Forms: Yes!
Alola Forms and the few extra legendary forms will be added. These Pokemon will be treated as an alternate form similar to Mega Evolutions.

Z-Moves: No
Z-Moves are too powerful for the way TPK battles are structured.

New Items: No
After looking through all of the new gen 7 items, most of them don't apply to TPK.

New Moves: Yes!
Most of the new moves will be added, there are a few that are not compatible with the TPK battle system (ie: we have no double battles) but overall they are a good fit for the game.

Gridless Map System: dream on

If you have a suggestion for Gen 7 content I could add to TPK let me know! I've been too busy coding to actually play the games myself (and not owning a 3ds).


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