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11/02/16 12:46am

How did you like the 2016 Halloween Event? I hope your answer was yes. Well, what I really hope is that'll distract you from the OBVIOUS LACK OF UPDATES.

Because lets face it TPK, there has been very very little happening on the cover of TPK for several months now. Yes, bug fixes, stability patches, and minor layout changes and improvements have been happening, but the game has not had a major content update in a while. For those who are unware, I started TPK as a 13 year old kid with amibition and one goal: to figure out this thing called programming and make TPK. By now 6 years later, I'm in a double major, working on other side projects and skills, and trying to hold on to TPK as best I can. A reality check (or question, rather) hit me: what does TPK mean for my life, my future? At first, that was hard to think about. I couldn't even look at TPK for months on end without feeling "dgkhls". But after a while, especially over the last month or so I've been reevaluating what TPK is in my world. With the understanding that I won't be able to go all out like I used to, especially when it comes to playing the game, I have been making the effort to get back into the old swing of things.

All that being said, its just been tough for me to prioritize TPK. I know there's hundreds if not thousands of people out there who have found TPK to be a genuine joy to play over the years, and I don't want to let that fade away. For the last month I've hinted I've been working on a secret TPK project, and boy let me tell you - I have! Got some downtime during dinner? - my laptop's out. Know the material in class? - my laptop's out. Its not going as fast as I hoped but that's ok! I don't want to say anything more than this, because the release date of this is an Unown?. The TPK staff team is very involved in this project and we all want it to be successful.

Oh and iCarly / iTony is Trial Mod.

I hope you have a good day!

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