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Announcing this years TPK Revolution

08/04/16 02:16pm

EDIT: Sign-ups are now Closed. Many thanks to those who have signed up, and for those who did not don't miss any of the action!

Hey guys, as you all may or may not know, every year a team of rebels conspires to create a coup d'etat and overthrow the, arguably reasonable, tyranny of the Royal House of TPK.

However, this year's Revolution will be a tad different. The same basic concept will stand, two teams fight for control of TPK. Now, this is where it gets different. Unlike the previous years, where stats were based 100% around battles and/or levels gained. This year's point yields will comprise of the entire RPG.

Now, players do NOT get to choose which team they are placed on, it will be completely random.

You're all probably wondering, HOW DO I SIGN UP!? Well, that's simple. Simply send me a pm on TPK and that'll get you signed up! The Revolution will stop Accepting applications August the 18th. The battle will officially begin August the 21st, and will last until August the 28th.

Note: Messaging any other staff to sign up WILL NOT WORK. You must PM Synplistic on the RPG.

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