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We want you in the army too.

07/21/16 12:01am

Hey TPK!

This month has been chock full of events! Our new event sprites look amazing! Big thanks to Felwinter and Artorias for making Ho-Oh and Braviary respectively.

Our last map, Caleum Cavern was been released well over a year ago, and I was dead set on getting a map out every month. Obviously, that has not happened at all. I've tried again and again to get maps going but every time I end up stuck. Without Neko, I'm struggling to make decisions because of this hard truth: TPK maps are not going to be as good anymore. I'm looking for people to take up the challenge of learning how to make maps, and work with me. You guys know how to get in touch with me.

On the bright side, there will be a "new" map coming out the next few days. The retro safari zone is going to come back. There's going to be more added to it, and Pokemon from the event will be tweaked. (those of you who didn't catch weedle at my birthday event will be very thankful)

Pokemon Go right?

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