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Happy Birthday B0sh

07/10/16 12:00am

Hey TPK!

Today is an interesting day for me. It’s my 19th birthday. I’ve shared many of my birthdays on TPK, and have made many events in celebration.  WDNC, one of our new artists, was kind enough to help us out with yet another new layout for the game. It’s going to be our “Retro Layout”. This shade of lime green is TPK green. Our older members will instantly recognize that color scheme from all the way back to the beginnings of TPK from 2010-2012.

Along with our retro layout for today we’re going to have a “retro” map containing some familiar pokemon. You might notice some pokeballs on the ground and to pick them up press space on your keyboard. (And yes, you can't trade them) Eventually, you’ll make your way to an NPC who is looking for the items you are picking up from the ground. Be sure to catch some retro Pokemon! Also, after completing the quest there is an even better reward you can get. Find out more from the NPC himself.

If you haven't noticed, TPK means a lot to me. I’ve spent countless hours coding this game and spending my own money to keep this game up. This event is a celebration of the game too me. TPK has become such a large part of my life that I want to involve you all in the things that make me happy. It’s for you guys that I keep going. I hope you appreciate today.

Great time for events huh?

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