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What Happened To Accord?

06/19/16 08:57pm


Accord (Kratos) is no longer an administrator in TPK. Likely for a long time, I will be the only admin on TPK.

Kratos has done a lot for TPK over the last 4 years. I've always felt like TPK never appriciated the work he did for what it was. He was there to step in in times that I was nowhere to be found, and brought many ideas and advice to the table on things I never would've considered. He took control of the staff team and attempted to bring us together (wether it happened or not). His mark will be attached to TPK forever.

Its possible in the future I will be looking for another programmer to join the TPK team, but the situation will not be a co-admin situation. For now though, I will be running solo.

TPK Sprites

NerdyVulpix has become our first new TPK spriter, but we are looking for more! The conversation between 2D and 3D sprites is still taking place, but right now I'm not conviced we should switch over. We are considering different styles of spriting to take place over Neko's style of spriting that we've been using. If you are interested in working with me on some concepts get in touch with me.


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