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Looks like 2D is Outdated..?

06/13/16 03:45am

Pokemon has forever changed after the release of Pokemon X & Y, completely new graphics and complete change of sprites or well should I say 3D Models now. From now on we can only expect 3D Models from every up-coming game and new Pokemon will be a lot more difficult to find sprites or someone to make them. This has lead me to two options.

1. Change all sprites within TPK to 3D Models.

2. Keep 2D sprites but possibly months or years delay on new Pokemon.

At the bottom of this post I'll have a poll and have our community decide the faith of Sprites. 3D Model sprites will limit our creative and will not be able to have the current style sprites anymore (not that we can now anyhow..) I'll post some images below of 3D Model sprites along with the poll.

Poll Link

You can also share your thoughts and comments on the comment section via Boards for this post.

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