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Lots of Graphics!

06/30/16 06:32pm

New Sprites Unleashed

Our new spriting team has been unleashed, featuring the following 4 spriters. I'll let the sprites speak for themselves. They're also going to be completing icons! I'm so thankful for these people who have taken up the monumental task of making TPK great again!

Icy: WDNC: Artorias: Demon:

New Layout

For those who didn't get to experience The Digimon Kingdom this April Fools, there hasn't been a new layout update in quite some time. Our newest spriter, WDNC took it upon himself to create a new layout: Articuno!

Upcoming Event!

Its my birthday on July 10th, and TPK is gonna be having an event to celebrate. I won't spoil what it is yet but check out TPK on July 10th, you won't wanna miss it.

Happy clicking,

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