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04/03/16 01:45pm

Hey TPK!

After all that April Fools shenanagans, I'm ready for some new updates. There's been a lot of promises the last few months, but I'm really pushing to knock some of those out. The mobile layout project turned out to be more extensive than anticipated, but the wait will be worth it.

I want to talk about the latest update to TPK, and what it affects. The first thing is that we have a new Battle Frontier! We now have the Battle Arena. This mode has new restrictions on your party. You can not use the same moves, items, or Pokemon in this challenge. Duplicate Pokemon will be removed from the selector panel. I tried hard not to make this battle tower 2.0, I want it to be its own seperate challenge. Let me know if you think the rewards vs. difficulty needs to be tweaked on it. I really want it to be used, but not overpowered.

The next update was a complete rework of the Game Maintenance Screen. This may not seem like it affects much, but this screen has broken numerous times when its most needed. So I went above and beyond on it to ensure that even when TPK is in distress, it still holds a good image. It also allows me to use it more often. I want to be doing more programming in the beta version of TPK, so that I don't disrupt the experience for players live coding, (which lets be honest, is pretty unprofessional). Having this screen makes me feel more confident about having regular maintenance modes for updates. Another great thing about it is you stay logged in! So after the period is over you can continue battling right where you left off.

We also released the April Fools layout with this update. If you logged in April 1st, you got it! Check your Layout settings in Options to toggle it on.


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