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Welcome to the Digital World!

04/01/16 12:14am

↓ Oh, forgot to tell you this was the April Fools joke.

A great thing has happened today.

Over the last few months, I've been having an internal struggle. You may have noticed me acting strangely, down, or otherwise things like that. What is happening today is an effort me to shake some of these bad feelings off, and get some new action.

We are now a Digimon RPG.

Those words breathe a sigh of relief into me, having been planning this change for weeks. Pokemon RPGs have been all the rage, and a personal passion of mine for so long, but I feel like its time for something new. The world of Digimon RPGs is very unexplored, and there's a whole new potential for incredible features that you've all come to know and love from this game. Nothing will change. In fact, I've managed to let you keep all of your Pokemon, stats, and items. You could just pretend nothing ever happened.

This update is still early. Much more spriting work has to be done, the images are not transparent, and there are 0 digi-icons. Over the next year or so, features will start to become more well integrated into the Digimon Universe. Stuff planned include new Digimon themed secret dungeon with its own story mode, and a new digi-data collection minigame.

Have a digi-tastic day!

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