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This Title Isn't As Clever As You

03/12/16 11:57pm

Hey TPK, just letting you guys know the progress with the new Mobile mode has been coming along neatly. Below I have some more screenshots to provide and explain more detail about Mobile mode.

*Click image to view in full.

Mobile mode has quite a few quick access links, at the top bar as shown in the screenshots you have Menu, Party, Chaterpie by clicking those they open a different window altogether without interrupting what you're doing on the main content. It's very easy to swap between. At the bottom bar once again as shown in the screenshots you'll have Index, My Profile, Options, Logout these are just quick links and make it faster and easier to access for you. The content is more fit for mobile users, at least most content as we'll be releasing in Beta. ~Accord (Kratos)

Hey TPK!

v3.0.8 was just released, and I want to let you guys know about some of the new features. The battle system was the focus of this update. To start off, I've rewritten a large portion of the internals of battle handling. Basically, this means I can release new battle fights like Battle Frontiers eaiser than ever before. I've fixed numerous minor bugs in the process of going through the code. I've never been more happy with the way battles have worked!

After that, there are over 60 item effects that have made their way into TPK. Most of these items aren't available in TPK, but this gives me the oppurtunity to add new items into the game, without having to worry about programming them in every time. All of these items allowed me to enable a feature which I've been wanting to for a while, items attached to rental Pokemon in Battle Factory. The Battle Factory also got the opponent research as found in the Pokemon Emerald Battle Factory. This gives a little insight in the trainer you're about to fight, and will aid you in making Pokemon selections and swaps.

Another new feature in this update is a new Speedrun Category, league%. For those who haven't heard of it, Speedrun is a fun TPK mode which is unlocked at Trainer Level 11. In it you race against the clock to complete a certain goal, and compete against other trainers to be the fastest. This new mode challenges you to defeat the 48 Gym Leaders in the Pokemon Legaue as quicky as possible starting from a fresh account. This is a easier mode which is intended to get people into speedrunning.

Finally, if you're a new player to TPK, welcome! We've broken several longstanding records a few times for logged in users conurrently and daily over the last 2 weeks. Thanks for checking out the game! TPK is a constantly updating and changing game, with a staff team dedicated to providing the best Pokemon RPG experience on the web.

Have a TPK day

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