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02/25/16 02:28pm

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So as I said in the previous News post I've been working on a Mobile layout for TPK progress has been a bit slow but it's coming around here is a demo (which is a screenshot from my iPhone), another great thing is I've figured way to add Chaterpie without taking up space! ~Accord (Kratos)

*Click the image to view in full.

Heya, TPK!

I'd like to apologize for my recent absence (again). Life's been a bit of a pain lately and I've been having a bit of trouble getting back into a regular routine and such.

Thankfully, it's been a bit better in the last few days and I've gotten some things done. You may have noticed a few new sprites go up earlier today, but that's not all that I've been working on! I'll try to post an TPK art status from time to time so you guys know what's going on. I don't just do sprites you know!

- Sprite Status -

Still pretty badly behind on sprites- but I'll be trying to stay on top of at least new releases when I get swamped with other things. There should have been 10 sprites uploaded today- two are updates (Sl. Hera) that I accidentally did misreading the list. Whoops.

- New Map Status -

The next map is making slow progress- it's planned out, but won't be ready for a while yet since I want to take the time to make it a bit more unique with some custom tiles. So here's some info about it just cause.

The next map will be called 'Ursa Woods' and will have four main regions within it. It's maybe a bit smaller than Caelum or Lyrae, but will have some neat new things included! Here's a screenshot of the entrance place- keep in mind that it'll probably change some before the final map is ready. This is mostly a test right now.

I can't give an ETA on it though- there's still a lot to get done before I can say for certainty when it'll be ready.

- Secret Awesome Update Status -

Anyway, there's another update I've been working on in the background that isn't the map or sprites. I can't say any details, but I'm pretty excited to get this one done. It'll come out before the next map does if all goes to plan. Again, no ETA- but it's definitely high priority on my to-do list at this time!

Okay, One last thing!

- New Layout Suggestions -

It's about time TPK gets a new layout style/color scheme/banner/etc. So instead of just picking a random legendary, I'll let everyone make suggestions on what colors they'd like to see and what Pokemon should be featured in the next style's banner!

Just post the following here!

Color Scheme/s: (Up to 3 colors)
Pokemon: (Pick up to 3 Pokemon suggestions)

I'll go through the entries and pick whichever ideas/suggestions sound the most interesting to work on.

- Neko

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