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02/21/16 12:12pm

Chaterpie on mobile is fixed. ~B0sh

As of recent I've been working on Mobile version for TPK. Mobile has quite a few challenges, several different types of screen sizes, and so many different phones. I'm trying to the best of my ability to create something that can work for everything. I decided not to add Chaterpie and Quick Nav within Mobile style as they take a lot of space. Nav can easily be accessed via a link at the top which displays everything. I know what I'm working on can be improved greatly but for now this will have to do. I'll inform everyone of it's release; soon it'll be accessible within Options page.

Another small thing I wanted to say if you feel like you have an idea or maybe even a minor change to some features please feel free to share it within Boards 'Idea' section. We prefer you share it with everyone instead of personally sharing with B0sh or I, so other inputs or opinions can make your ideas better. It also gives us a refrence to remember about it later, which improves the chance of it happening!

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