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What's Happenning?

04/13/16 12:05am

I'd like to apologize and on behalf of B0sh due to our inactivity, school, work and several other things has had us busy. Hopefully things will change soon I've been going through some complicated things I won't explain my life here but I'm simply informing everyone reasons due to my inactivity. Thanks for your patience and understanding and I appreciate everyone who is still playing and contributing. ~Kratos

It's been sometime since we had any major updates and I'm sure everyone is wondering "What's next for TPK?" with all the recent news of things to come, we the TPK team have been extremely busy with life matters but that doesn't mean we aren't working it's just slowing our pace down. We have some awesome new planned out features in progress and hopefully we will release them soon. I felt that this needed to be shared among the community but don't fret we're still here and we're still working to the best we can!

Now that you understand the second thing I want to bring up is "Mobile Mode" so far it's progress has been good. I'm hoping sometime near the end of this month or sooner we can start having our beta testers, test it out but just because Mobile mode isn't out yet doesn't mean you can't share your ideas if you have ideas or want to see something that you think will help Mobile Mode open a new topic in the suggestions section and I'll gladly check it out and consider it!

Lastly, we want to start spreading our Social Media it's great way to attract some new players and friends. If you could spare a moment to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter possibly even share it we'd really appreciate it!

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