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The Music Update

01/15/16 07:11pm

Once again I'd like to apologize to everyone who is still receiving mass amount of emails, these are delayed messages and will completely stop shortly it is completely my fault a miscalculation and will never happen again sorry once again. ~Kratos

Hey TPK,

I'm sure you've been hearing about our cool new acoustical updates. Thats right, TPK has started adding sounds and music to the game. The Maps have music which change depending on the area you are in. It also changes while surfing. While catching Pokemon, you can hear their cries. You'll also hear Pokemon cries in the Pokemon Center when moving your Pokemon about in your box. These are just the beginning of more planned sound updates in the future.

Are you fretting right now? Don't. Even now you can simply turn off Pokemon cries to remove the all sound completely. A near future update will let you turn off any particular sound effect you want, and be able to control the volume of sound in the game. I never will (intentionally) force sound effects upon you guys. I know there's plenty of you out there who have good reason now to want them.

On another note, Spellathon 2016 was a huge success! Over 250 points worth of corrections were fixed. Its so crazy just to scroll through and see all the mistakes that needed to be fixed. In my eyes that made it all worth it. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out. You've really improved TPK. I think this makes a great addition to TPK's annual contests.


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