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Spellathon 2016

01/09/16 01:58pm

Hey TPK,

TPK's first annual Spellathon contest is underway. This contest is about improving TPK in areas that are usually left for later: the text. I won't talk more about it, for more information see the contest's thread. (If you don't like microsoft word art from 2004, well, it's part of my style :P)

We've also upgraded to v3.0.1! While this isn't a true version upgrade, its an oppurtunity for me to write down some of the features and bug fixes we've been working on since v3's release. You can find all the details about the updates in the Development section of the boards.

Finally, we've decided to allow "art shops". Artists are welcome to accept TPK Pokemon or currency as payment for their work in Smeargle's Canvas. We welcome anyone to come and do some siggys. Woohoo. yay. siggys.... For more information about this, read the sticky thread in the board.

Thanks guys, hope you're all having a great 2016

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