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New Artist?!

12/26/15 09:46pm

Typed Icons! That's right from now on TPK will not only have normal, shiny icons but also all the other types through they will not all be added right away and may take a bit of time it'll be done here are some examples from SpeedXaaa below; 


The Legendary Sprite Poll Returns: Yup, Sprite Poll is back and running. It can be found under the "Community" tab.

As many of you know Nekomata is extremely busy with life matters such as school and her health hasn't been great either. Because of this she has been unable to work like before. No, Neko has not quit nor has she been demoted; however, she has found some support. Please welcome our new addition, SpeedXaaa. Remember to keep in mind that she is currently helping out and time may be tight for her as well.  I know our users tend to intentionally or unintentionally "harass" our Artist to make sprites when a pixel currently doesn't have one. We  know the demand is high for them, but as you all know TPK sprites are quite unique making them time consuming to make. Hopefully thanks to SpeedXaaa's support we'll be able to have more sprites released at a quicker pace! She's fairly new to TPK and doesn't know much about the game or community. If you do catch her around then please be kind!

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