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HOH OHO Merry Christmas

12/25/15 02:41am

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Merry Christmas everyone, here is our Christmas gift! V3 has been released with several improvements, aswell as new features. Before getting into detail about the newly added features, there are some key ones that I'd like to talk about.

These features are community-related. We felt that TPK's community could use some improvement, allowing everyone to connect more. With that said, we put extra effort in these features;

Starting out as a 'beta' feature in V2, Chaterpie has been fitted and customized properly with the layout and is now much more convenient for use.

Some people were asking about where the forums went. Well, here they are! Our newly integrated Boards system replaces the old Forums. Now it's linked to TPK, which allows for easier use. With this, players can easily communicate with each other and discuss just about anything. Development logs have also been added to the Boards so you can share your thoughts on new updates and changes!

Private Conversations:
This feature replaces Private Messages in a chat-like form, making it easier to talk and respond. (More updates to come for this feature)

Yes, Referrals are back, but completely different! If you're curious to see what's going on there, you can check out the page under the Community tab.

Big thanks to Nekomata for the magnificent banner. Also, Toriel has been promoted to Super Moderator!

Now, all of the cool new features will be explained by B0sh.


Hi, my name is B0sh.

Over the course of developing TPK v3, my skills as a programmer have grown dramatically. Even to this day I'm still improving myself and finding new, better ways to code. v3 is truly my greatest accomplishment to date as a programmer. You may not notice some of the backend features I've put in, but you will see the increase in stability. Things like releasing Pokemon could be implemented in multiple places, so I standardized it. Now, releasing Pokemon is an easy task for me, so it bugs out less for you!

With that in mind, here's some of the amazing new gameplay features in v3:

Live Battles:
Finally, a browser based Pokemon RPG with actual working Live Battles. Thats right, I have finally completed my number one goal in programming: A proper live battle system. Using the technology in Scyther, our Chat bot, trainers can battle each other directly. For now, it just works, but in the future I will create all sorts of fun stuff! I have plans for all kinds of battle modes, automated tournaments, rankings, and so much more!

Team TPK and Team Rocket:
The Team Update has arrived! By going to the Team Headquarters, you can join Team TPK or Team Rocket, and aid them on their quest for world domination. On a team, you can do several kinds of tasks for the team and earn Team Reputation from them. As you complete tasks, you can be promoted to higher classes, and unlock new, more difficult tasks as a result. This update is the realization of my original Team Rocket Reptuation update from so long ago. I am so excited to finally have it completed the way I always wanted.

Items in Trades:
Believe it or not, this was the number one requested feature in TPK. Request no more, because you can now directly send items in trades without having to attach them to Pokemon.

There's even more to check out, so read the changelog for more information. I am so relieved to finally bring this update to you guys. The future of TPK looks bright.

Knock yourselves out TPK, and have a Merry Christmas

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