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02/20/16 12:05am

I'd like to apologize for my inactivity lately been extremely busy with work and other related life stuff. I will hopefully become slightly more active and have things done sooner in a few weeks once again I apologize for the inactivity. ~Accord (Kratos)

Hey TPK,

Things have been pretty static around here lately, but I figure I should give an update on whats happened the last month or so in the world of TPK.

First off: No new features.

We do indeed have big plans for TPK, but after v3's major release, there hasn't been any new major features even started being developed yet. We're basically taking a break. What has been happening though is more layout cleanup and bug fixing, bug fixing, bug fixing. I still don't know what to make of TPK's stability, but I feel that TPK is fairly stable. TPK has always been poor in error and update handling, and as such, errors are loud and clear. As always, make sure I know about bugs. I may not get to them right away, but I will do my best to get to it as soon as possible.

Live battles have been down for several weeks now, and I'm pleased to have them back up and running again. Find new ways to break it people, I'm game.

We also had a small event on Valentines Day for those of you that missed it. (Off doing better things I suppose...) Events planned in the future should be much larger. I have concrete ideas for several events this year, which is much better than normal.

Looking to a brigher future,

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