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TPK Revolution (SVP)

11/21/15 04:45pm

Its about time for TPK's Annual event, TPK Revolution (formerly known as the SVP). This contest pits 2 teams of players against each other for a week of dedicated battling for great rewards. This year's competition will have a few little twists as well. It starts on Sunday November 29th and ends on the following Sunday. I will explain the full game below;

Each player on each team gets a Pokemon to train in the Revolution Roster, similar to the WTC. This is your main Pokemon to be trained by any methods valid for a WTC Pokemon. Each level earned on this Pokemon will earn your team 10 points.

There will also be another Pokemon given, in the Secondary Revolution Roster, which must be turned in at the end of every day of the competition. Each level on the secondary Pokemon is worth 3 points.

To encourage participation in the event, there will be a 25% boost in Experience and Money earned (only during Revolution Battles.)

The team with the most points at the end of the compeition is the winner. The winning team will receive an extra special prize, but all players who train their Pokemon past level 1,000 will be able to keep their Pokemon (including secondary Pokemon).

Terms and conditions of the contest are subject to change... in case I didn't get it right yet.

Interested? Want to participate? Just want to know what that Pokemon is?
To register yourself in the contest, please PM "B0sh" on the RPG with a subject title saying you want to participate. Players will be assigned to teams randomly.

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