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TPK Revolution Finale

12/06/15 12:34am

I hope you enjoyed TPK's annual Revolution contest. I learned a lot running this event, and for next year I plan to keep the same code, so that my event preperation is fixing bugs instead of writing it from scratch.

Anyway, the event was a success in my book! Team B emerged the victorys, and the competeting members of Team B will recieve a ShinyMachop (Level: 5)! The Top 3 Revolution trainers: ArdethBay, GoldenBagon, and Zoopa, will recieve a ForestMachop (Level: 4.9999999 (repeating, of course))!

On a personal note, I'm taking a break from TPK as a player for an underiminate amount of time. I won't be checking chats as frequently as well. Sparing the details, please leave a message to "B0sh" if you want to reach me. I'm still going to be coding at the same rate. I'm working on brand new stuff right now for the game, its a huge project, but hopefully it should bring in new members with the different kind of gameplay it has.

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