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11/10/15 09:57pm

Hey TPK!

It seems like forever since we've had updates, but I want you to know that we are still working on TPK here. I haven't been coding as much as I used to, for many reasons, but I still enjoy working on TPK. Some of my time is being devoted to my new website, and I hope to bring some of the tricks I've learned while working on that into TPK. Everything I do circles back. TPK is a very large piece of software now, and working with it can be overwhelming sometimes. But, I'm trying to overcome these hurdles and keep progressing with my new ideas in TPK.

Tomorrow I leave for a 4-day vacation at the Percussive Arts Society Internation Convention (PASIC HYPE), so I won't be around very much at all until Monday again. I'm really excited for this trip, its gonna be a lot of fun. It'll be a nice rejuvanation for me.

Have fun,

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