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09/20/15 02:27pm

Heya, TPK!

Sorry for my recent absence (again)- school and life can do that. I'll be trying to catchup on sprite work tonight and will be streaming somewhere around 7-8 PM central time (TPK time). I'll be posting in the chat before I start- so keep an eye on that! The goal is to get caught up with sprites by the end of the month- so there will be another stream next weekend as well (schedule allowing!)

During the stream I'll be holding a little contest as we go just to encourage people to participate and such! There will be a prize- I'm just not sure what it is yet (It'll be a rare though!) I'll go over the details of the little contest at the start of the stream- it won't be anything complicated- just a simple game.

Here's the link to the livestream page:

See you all later tonight!

- Neko

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