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09/11/15 12:01am

Hey TPK!

Over the last couple days I tried to merge some of the updates I've been working on and conceptualizing into TPK right now. As I'm starting college, I'm expecting my time to work on TPK is going to decline, so I want to give you guys some updates now so that you can enjoy them while I work on the major update.

I've released Chaterpie, our new Chat Client as a BETA feature for TPK. If you want to use it then click this link: To deactivate it click the settings hammer in the top right corner and disable it. On refresh it will completely dissappear. Please send me any feedback you might have, as this will be a huge part of the next major update.

I've also released the first part to Glitch City! I've been having a ton of fun experimenting with Pokemon Red & Blue and experimenting with glitching out the maps and pokemon. All Maps are 100% actual glitch maps that I found by hacking the game. Also, all TPK glitch pokemon are found the same way. Right now I just released the first map, but I will release more areas of glitch city every once in a while. These areas will be rather small, and they are intended to just add a few little extra things to TPK. This kind of thing is really fun for me to work on, so if you're not interested that's ok with me :P.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

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