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Daily Gift Disaster

08/31/15 04:40pm

On August 29th, our daily script wasn't running. I thought a error had stopped the script, so I fixed the error and ran the script again. It turns out it didn't, and the script ran twice, reseting everyones daily gift streak. Unfortunately this was the same day I went to college, and with band camp, not having internet right now, and my backups not cooperating, I'm just going to have to fix this the old fashioned way.

Please PM B0sh with your daily gift streak amount and it will be reinstated.

I don't expect perfect accuracy on this, as long as you are accurate in the tens and hundreds place. As an apology, tomorrow the daily gift can be opened 3 times, streaks increased included. It may take a while to upload the streaks, I will do it whenever I can.
Better backups and preventative measures will be instated to prevent this from occurring again.


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